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PRODUCT description

Panel PC Monitor

Industrial Touch Screen Panel PC

Industrial All-in-One Tablet PC with Intel Core Processor i3 i5 i7 Optional

All-in-one industrial panel PC is the perfect industrial panel PC for various applications in different sizes of spaces. They can be fixed in the production line device with anti-vibration. And they are supported to work well for outdoor devices and terminal types of equipment.

Product Features
  • 1. This industrial all-in-one PC adopts an Aluminum alloy enclosure, better heat-dissipation than iron materials.
    2. IP65 rated waterproof and dustproof for the front panel, well-performed in harsh environments.
    3. Industrial-grade A, A+ LED screen, offering a perfect image for users.
    4. Wide working temperature: -20~80°C
    5. Low consumption, a benefit for customers’ cost-efficiency.
    6. Automatic power-on function.
    7. Power supply: 12V-24V.
    8. Support long-time running with no interruption during 7 days * 24 hours.
    9. Industrial-grade mainboards, high performance in harsh industrial environments.
    10. Intel CPU, Windows 7/8/10, Linux available.
    11. Wall mount and panel mount rug bracket supported

  • CPU : intel cerelon quad-core J1900 2.0 GH,i3/i5/i7 can be customized
    Operating System :Windows7,Windows8,Windows10; Linux,Ubuntu/Debian/inux mint
    Memory :2GB DDR3 RAM,4GB/8GB can be customized
    Storage :32GB/64GB/128GB/256GB/500GB SSD,500GB/1TB HDD

What are the differences between the industrial panel PC and commercial tablets?
  • The difference between industrial tablets and commercial tablets are as following:
    1. Different Application Environments
    Industrial tablets are literally easy to understand as being used to industrial environments, and the industrial environments normally refer to dusty, humid, and harsh environments, which need very strict requirements for industrial tablets, but commercial tablets are not suitable for running in such harsh environments.

    2. Different Performance
    In order to adapt to various harsh environments, industrial tablets are mostly in compliance with IP** waterproof and dust-proof level, our series industrial panel PC is IP65 rated, and have the stability of long-time use without stop, that is to say, it can be treated roughly during operation compared with common commercial computers.

    3. Appearance
    With the development of society, the requirements for the appearance of industrial tablet computers have become higher and higher like commercial tablets. The use of the modular design of industrial tablet computers will become mainstream, lighter, thinner, and more compact compared with today's rigid heavy industrial products.

    4. Expansion for I/O Ports
    The industrial tablet computer is often the core of a complex application program, which needs to be connected with many other devices and run in harmony. Therefore, the industrial tablet PC needs plenty of I/O ports, and the industrial tablet computer with modular design can support I/O interface expansion, which greatly improves its adaptability. While the commercial tablet computer only has simple functions, and they don't have such a kind of expansion function.