Touch and Displays is the top touchscreen displays provider for higher value industrial display

PRODUCT description

Industrial Monitor

Gaming Monitor

Technologies and workmanship accumulated trough the last 22 years’ experience grasp exactly the needs of the customers and the markets, providing right solutions tailored to fit your gaming requirement.

• Projective Capacitive Touch Screen
• LED Lighting Solution(True Edge Lighting/ Milky Bar)
• Sided Milky Bar Solution
• Double-Side Display Solution
• SNB triple/ Dual combo Solution
• Stretched LCD monitor

  • VGA/DVI/HDMI/DP/RS232/ interface

  • • LED backlight for 20% power saving and environmental protection
    • 0~50° C operating temperature support(-30'c~80'c wide temperature support)
    • USB/RS232/ touch interface/plug and play
    • Integrated bracket for easy installation
    • Versatile mounting methods for Rear mounting and VESA mounting