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RMA & Warranty Policy

Warranty Coverage

Within the warranty period. TDS will repair or replace defective unit(s) without charge for parts and labor.

Warranty does not cover defects or damages resulting from faulty handling, misuse of the product, improper installation or misconnections, arbitrary disassembly, unauthorized replacement or alteration of components and product specifications.

Feel free to contact us for RMA service if you have any questions about TDS products.

• Please apply a RMA number firstly if you want to return RMA unit to TDS.
• Please fill all information on RMA form with given RMA number and send it back to TDS
• Please ship RMA unit(s) to TDS for repair according to the following shipping instructions.
• Shipping cost Within warranty period, customer pay for the freight cost from customer site to TDS, except for DOA. TDS will pay the freight for returning the units back to the customer. In case of our of warranty period or void warranty, customer has to pay both way freight charge.
• Please take some photos before packing in case there is any damage claim to the courier.
• Please pack the returned RMA unit safely to prevent the possible damage during the transportation and send them to ;Touch and Displays Co., Ltd.