Touch and Displays is the top touchscreen displays provider for higher value industrial display

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Nowadays key issues of industrial display industry are speed and flexibility. TDS meets customer’s needs with speedy product development systems tailored to specific requirements.

TDS has flexible products category choices according to customer’s idea, environment. We provide our full/semi customized products from physical design, optical features to touch overlay solutions and board circuit.

Our R&D and sales people dedicated to shorten development cycle and make their demands into realization for our business partners/customers.

Complete Reliability

Each and every TDS product line is made with quality standards and production process of high reliability, steadfastness and durability.

TDS give the top priority to the quality and reliability more than anything else. Since the foundation, TDS continually invests to the highest level of manufacturing equipments and quality staff training. In in-house manufacturing and quality system, we provide our first class products by strict test procedures